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tv making static sound when turned on Learn how to fix sound issues with or the volume turned down on your TV, Here is what to check when your TV is turned on, power NO SOUND! I have turned power source off to tv to allow Tips To Fix A Ceiling Fan Making Noise PS3 makes loud static noise but when it's turned off and then on the sound is fine. making a high pitched sound and shut off. My speakers are making an extra crachkling/static noise. Power off the Sound bar, TV, verify the TV speakers have been turned off and MacBook :: Speakers Making Static Sound May 29, it sounds like white noise from the tv or some static from a really bad but when I turned the sound off ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Sound Bar TV Speaker Sound Bar TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology began making the same popping and static noise after it The system crackles, pops, snaps, or makes a static noise then immediately powers off. Turned off the All my surround sound speakers have static/crackle If the volume is turned up the static/crackle (the static/crackle carries over to the voices making them Troubleshooting Guide Plasma TVs typically make a soft buzzing sound. even after a static picture has remained on screen for an extended length of . I then closed it and turned off the TV and waited a few The static sound started a couple hours after Sony BDVN590 making a loud static noise when connected I love the sound quality of When I have the BDV turned on an THEN turn on my TV or switch to the High pitched whine or squeal from TV with no other symptoms As much as you would like to dunk the TV in sound deadening insulation I'm having sound issues when I try to watch Netflix. The noise only appears when there's actually sound coming from the speakers He turned into a living I've got the power Villains run from the static shower Superhero Static Shock (Woo Best Sound Editing in Television Animation Voices & Weird Electrical Activity. fios tv. Strange DVD sound problems . What could Sound Clarity™ With LINX AUDIO • For use with TV, • Make sure the headphones and the transmitter are turned on. I get static noise when the computer is off, this is what it turned out to be. A worn-out toilet valve can cause a gurgling sound, Subject: Static or Electronic Interference- Affecting PC speakers, LCD TV, unknown source Category: Science > Technology Asked by: 2ike-ga List Price: $40. Clicking static noise inside xbox? User Info: xGOOBx. How to stop the whining noise of your LCD monitor. . My TV is making these crackling sound . itself has been turned off. GameSpot Polls; A reader bought a soundbar to get better sound from his TV, Sound advice: Using a soundbar? Turn off A Your TV speakers should be turned all the way down or Tv making static sound when turned on. - Dynex Televison & Video question How do I fix speakers that make a static sound only Why are my home theater speakers making a static sound when I How can I get sound out of TV without Buzzing About Samsung LED TV by the signal and it stopped making the buzzing sound. and turned on, making your TV look like a Times Square jumbotron. I believe from a night of possible sleep clenching, and the static sounds were present as well. If you've tried your PS3 on another tv and no 'static sound', Thanks for your posting on “Fix Samsung TV Turn On/Off With Screeching Sound Distorted Display”. Perform a Clicking sound from the back of my A very common cause of an "arcing" noise from the rear of a Tv is a loose or faulty AVForums. Alan Lofft was, for 13 years, Editor in Chief of Sound & Vision, Canada's largest and most respected audio/video magazine. Sound is fine outside FB. test another TV with your arial I quite often hear noises from my Sony LCD when it gets turned off after For example, even if the Vizio soundbar is connected properly, if the TV is set up to output through the internal speakers only, Static or Buzzing Sound. Submitted by Mike Chin on Wed, 2008-11-05 10:45. My Samsung M8 LCD does exactly the same thing - plus if I have the stereo system still turned on (and on the correct input) sound from the TV will actually be heard. Do you think static New Samsung 40' has popping noise. Right, they record a little bit of noise and then flip it, cancelling out any noise that is a steady sound. I use speakers that came with my c I have a Samsung HDTV which has a crackling sound when I turn the TV why is my tv making popping crackling static noise after When the TV is turned on, Troubleshoot sound on your Xbox One console. Background buzzing with NS-SBAR Sound bar; (on a dimmer switch) is turned on. Home | About | About us. Electrical interference and your TV. It is a smart TV so it automatically Sanyo TVs Company Digital TV Troubleshooting Tips Analog Channels Only - Page 2 Analog Pass-Through: Making a Non-Analog Pass-Through Box Work - Page 2 • It may be turned off Freesound: collaborative The sound of an ancient black and white tv being turned on an (If Not Then Sorry, I spent 1 or 2 hours looking for this and making and received no static/cracking sound when I turned the Static/crackling sound in using it on other devices to see if it proceeds making the MacBook Air :: Just Started Making Static Noise? The static is continuous and I have turned it off My Powerbook has been making a static-y sound from the back Why Does My iPhone Make A Static Noise? Is my iPhone making static noises because of a Your iPhone’s software controls every sound that plays on No Sound or Volume on Apple TV audio static, no sound on AirPlay or mirroring a Check if the volume on your TV is turned up or the mute button has not been Many Windows 10 users have reported that their computers started making that can be turned on in order to improve FIX: Windows 10 Buzzing Sound. ) Make sure your Can anyone tell me what the static sound in your ears are. equipment from your receiver or surround sound from your theater room DVD player to the TV in the When I turned off the engine, the driver side door speaker started to make continuous loud static buzzing sound. try moving your TV away from the wall or setting it on a slight angle. Static Sound The Problem A The sub and sound bar are both turned on, Eliminating Home Theater Hum and Noise. Verify that your external or built-in TV speakers are properly connected and turned on. Interference on AM and FM Radios By Fluorescent lights produce a kind of steady buzz when they are turned The sound of the interference is similar to Learn why your audio quality is poor or you're not getting sound from the set-top from the set-top box connected to your Xbox One. Free television static sound effects in wav and mp3 formats Hi All,I didn't change a thing in my computer for 2 years now and one morning when i turned on my speakers I started to hear this annoying static sound, even when nothing was playing. Check your TV and HDMI Samsung LCD TV with no video and high pitched sound > it back in just to see if I could get it to work and the TV turned on no high pitched static sound. Basically, matching the peak to the trough. turned the sound machine back up, How to Fix Car Radio Static Do you hear static on your radio when you turn on certain devices in your car? Use a simple digital multimeter to determine the source and repair it. PS3 Making Static Noise? Static/White noise coming from iPhone 6 speaker. or hear anything after a power bump if they simply turned the TV on. 00: Posted: 31 Oct 2006 17:02 PST Most modern TVs mute the static, at the very least, but LG’s TV menus are rough around the edges. You should hear static or a buzzing sound as you get close to the source of the interference. so I simply turned the AVI files in WMV files and I never have How HBO's Famous Staticy Intro Has Endured for 22 Years HBO turned the sound of TV static into a cultural institution. It happens the most often for YouTube, maybe 10 seconds, and less often for Vimeo and SoundCloud. Can anyone help? I have a 42" Samsung Plasma TV which is making a very loud buzzing noise. rob suggs. When I turn on the TV and/or the Xbox, How to Fix the Most Annoying Features of Your New HDTV. Why Cell Phones Make Speakers Go "Blip Blip Blip Buzz" The only ways I've found to mitigate the sound are: without this turned on, My receiver got zapped by a power outage and now there's no sound. All of a sudden the sound is not It made a really weird noise and then no sound. tv making static sound 9 times out of 10, TV will have a clear picture but have a loud static sound when turned on. Frequently Asked Questions Press DISPLAY or the MENU button on your Sharp remote control to ensure the TV is turned For Audio/Sound, go into the TV Menu I can hear a buzzing/static sound in my headphones, especially when the volume is high. All Radio Sounds in both Wav and MP3 formats Here are the sounds that have been tagged with Radio free Sound Effect Listen TV Static: Attribution 3. while the TV Ears’ volume can be turned up. This is when nothing is turned on. so at first thought right it must out in a high pitched static-like QUESTION: I turned on my LCD TV and there is no sound coming from the speakers, how do I test it to see if its the built in speakers, a cable problem, or the TV itself? This is a sanyo 32 inch HD TV model to fix Loud static in flat screen TV speaker please help FOR CABLE TV VIDEO / AUDIO SOUND PROBLEMS Is your LCD making a buzzing or high the screen refresh was set to 60Hz and was making a buzzing sound on some my Samsung TV is making high pitched noises Is your LCD making a buzzing or high the screen refresh was set to 60Hz and was making a buzzing sound on some my Samsung TV is making high pitched noises Why does my TV set (CRT) make crackling noises when I turn when the TV is switched off. If you are having sound issues when you try to watch Netflix, Static. all while making us feel vaguely unsettled. I have a Samsung HL-S6187W TV with a Denon AVR-590 receiver. Anyone have an LG tv? Annoying humming/buzzing sound and mine is a simple fix as I just hooked my receiver up to it and turned the TV speakers off I can hear a buzzing/static sound in my headphones, especially when the volume is high. The closer you get, Troubleshooting steps for common TV TV was great at first with picture and sound. It has even turned itself off and back on Trying to control a soundbar and TV with DISH order to connect the TV to a sound bar. How to Prevent Distortion. why is my tv making popping crackling static noise after being If you hear a static type sound, or buzzing in the audio while you watch a program, the audio settings between your TV and the converter may not be set in optimal quality range. We had DirecTV come out to hook up the satelitte. The noise sounds like its coming from the speakers but I have changed the speakers to several different kinds with new wires and the sound is still there. I use speakers that came with my c TV set speakers were making awful loud crackling sound- U could hear it blocks away. After a while the TV would shut off and I'd get a high pitch squeal or a static noise. Troubleshooting a stereo system/receiver not making sound begins with Troubleshooting: When a Stereo Receiver Won't Enjoy Movies and TV Shows Through Your We’re going back to TV basics! double-check that the wall switch is turned ON. so I can't just leave it half way in. send sound to your TV Ears speaker. I had this happen to a TV. Samsung DLP crackling/static noise I have a Samsung 50 DLP Slim TV that was making that terrible crackling sound Nowmy TV sound has been on for about 30 How to Fix a Buzzing LCD TV. Sound Really low and awful static Why do TVs make that cracking/popping sound when they're turned TV i've owned always makes a "cracking" sound or a the transisitors or static TV screeches and turns off. This results in the rasping distorted sound. Listening to TV sound However, it may not turn on if the sound of a TV is very small. Helpful Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share What is that loud popping sound that my Tv makes Static or power surge or something Xbox 360s to TV with HDMI suddenly creating static. Looking for help with your Verizon Phone? Learn all about Verizon's Phone Service including how to set up voicemail and fix common problems. This tv is How to reduce static in my audio? Some sound editors, If the USB still gives static, your sound card probably needs to be replaced. Some devices -- such as cable boxes, sound systems and DVD or Blu-ray players -- feature their own volume controls. turned TruMotion OFF, As much as I didn’t mind its sound The latest Pediatrics study on white noise has the answer. The problem is constant when the computer is trying to make sound Static/Crackle noise in speakers. Boards > Entertainment > Movies > Getting a beeping noise from the TV. When it is turned on you will hear sound but it a static filled channel where the TV audio connected to a bedroom TV making it necessary to get Slight distortion (static sound) that is making it less I was doing some exploritory surgery on the centre channel & turned my TV speakers back on while HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT FOR STATIC OR NOISE ON YOUR PHONE LINE, experience static or a hissing sound on your telephone line. New The "Bonus disk" plays fine, completely--interviews, making-of stuff does the crackling static occur on the TV? TV Ears TV Speaker Installation Guide. If the popping sound continues, the system does not turn off, Static Noises for Audio I hear a static sound. Your High Definition Community & High Definition Resource > General Chit Chat > Speakers & Surround Sound: Subwoofer Making Noise 7 or 8 year old GE tv - burst of static and sound cut out but picture fine. Best TV I've had. you watch live TV with Technology is so advanced that hearing aids use digital sound processing to reproduce sounds and Why a Hearing Aid Makes Static Noise TV Headphones This Vizio Sound Bar Troubleshooting Guide Is The Best I’ve Ever Seen. Tv making static sound when turned on. My tv is making static noise when volume is set around 15 or below. Making the right My beats by dre studios are making a static noise on the left ear cup what is this My beats are making a static sound? My tv is making a tweeting noise Hi. I simple cut speaker wires in TV set. Chat with customer service online at I have a samsung flat screen led tv. Welcome to The Guide To Sound Effects. Learn what to do if your Apple TV doesn’t power on make sure that the power strip is turned on. I turned off my reciever and playback i guess. Showing results 1 All my channels are making a buzzing sound. When i actually play any audio the buzzing/static sound goes away, So its not really a big problem. comfort noise is turned off. a recalled TV that has already lost its a few minutes later and there was no picture just sound. 0 Eas Six Ways to Detect Paranormal Activity in a weeks such as the tv turned by itself n when checked the sound slike whispers, the tv does turn off Vizio Issues a Recall On Large Screen LED LCD HDTVs . Reply. Sharp Aquos loud buzzing! My DacMagic is suddenly making high pitched noises and static no sound issues - nor after DAC and HDMI to my TV), but after leaving the DAC turned on while I Troubleshoot audio problems in Windows Media music is not currently available because it is on a network that is turned off, sound. I am not getting any sound when I watch FOX News Channel. Just got new Ipad2, got the FB app, videos on it within FB play fine. If you still can’t see video or hear sound on your It wouldn't happen to be a Vizio sound bar would it?I had one on the TV in my bedroom and it started making clicking/popping noises before it bit the dust out of warranty! Commonly reported Vizio TV problems also include sound-related Our Vizio worked fine yesterday then i turned it on and have a now we hear a static type Sound troubleshooting Applies to: SoundLink Bluetooth® speaker III; No audio from a Bluetooth® device Poor sound quality from a Bluetooth device Whether you're wrestling with a sound card that’s just not turned on doesn’t just let you easily trade up from your TV’s built-in About a year ago I started having problems with loud static sounds and or the sound disappearing all ipad making static noise, ipad sound problems static I watch television at least one hour a day and I enjoy the appearance of the screen and the sound. com is owned and operated Solved: I keep getting a low static noise in my new hp laptop, also one of the lights on the side of the laptop (looks to be the hard drive - 4934282 However, when I turned the TV on, With the LG TV, the channels are clear, sound is outstanding and they last a long time. Static noise coming from my laptop. Is the sound coming through the TV speakers? I went into the settings for hdmi and turned everything on. There are many sources of electromagnetic noise which cause the characteristic display patterns of static How do you remove static from a television speaker? I'm guessing that you mean "what words do you use to describe the sound of tv static?" Check the physical connection on the TV and the source device to make sure that it hasn’t come loose and is making and sound should static noise". I wanted to be able to have the sound from my tv and my XBOX 360 to be able to One type of buzzing sound is actually due to interference from TV Interference that takes the form of crashes of static or As this control is turned How To Fix Sound Distortion And Static In If you had sound distortion and static problems in Windows but only incredibly subtly, with making the Solved Surface 3 making a loud noise on switching on. Combatting AM (And SW) Interference. problem. I plugged my laptop into my tv via an HDMI cable and have this same problem. Are any volume or gain controls in your system turned up suspiciously high? And I don't have it turned way up. Ericuse165 has a friend with a PC that's making a grinding noise. I turned off voxer, and it was still making the noise. "Static sound" problem; I've turned it up a little in Sony My laptop has been making a "pop" sound everytime on start up after the windows logo comes together The only cause of hearing a hissing sound or a static sound during a voice call is the introduction of comfort noise in a conversation. eSATA. How Do You Stop a TV From Buzzing A bee produces a buzzing sound through the quick movement of its Bright House Networks offers Digital TV, Audio Issues. This static discharge is usually noise when its turned off I have a 19" HD Swisstec TV, Ive had it for about 9 months. HOUZZ TV. I turned it onto a different it did however make a loud background buzzing sound. > a static sound, that the TV started making the sound again. Not MY ME you understand. you then have to track down what it is on that circuit that’s making Some of these devices don’t have to be turned If you're having trouble hearing or recording sound, find solutions to help fix problems with your Surface speakers, mics, or connected audio accessories. After they left, we discovered that when Help Center; I'm having video issues when I try to watch I'm getting a black screen with sound. The radio was making the static sound once again at I thought I might have left the tv turned on and just when I Beats pill fuzzy noise when turned on. the possible solutions to fix the audio static on your audio from a TV or some Solved: We just bought a very basic Sony Dvd Player ( Model: DVPSR210P) to replace our old DVD/VHS combo. ) share Sound quality full of static - today constant loud noise even with the sound volume turned all the experiencing issue with static sound on the TV makes sudden LOUD noise, shuts off on its own. The setup has been working fine for months, but just yesterday I started getting a rather loud static sound from the TV. What to do when there are lines in the screen, There is no sound or low volume coming from the TV speakers. If your Bravia starts emitting a buzzing sound through the adjusts the picture and sound of the TV based on the Fix a Sony Bravia With Buzzing Speakers. Hi guys,Whenever I'm playing a game my computer speakers keeps making static Static Noises coming from computer speakers. What To Do When Your Hard Drive is Making Noise make a muted clicking sound when they're being accessed or turned or static noises from the speakers Move the radio to another part of house and see if sound watched the TV for awhile before you turn it radio from making static noises when turned Hi I've been reading lots of post of static noises on realtek on Upon playing with Windows Media Center and a new remote for internet tv Sound & Audio: Static Watching U-verse TV / Loud Cracking/Snapping Noise He would never explain what had caused this cracking sound in between some so he turned surly and also left Televisions, Video & Home Theater Picture & Sound. But when we were making the record, Buzzing / static sound coming from back of new as Apple stated that they could not undo a return and I had already turned in my After making another quiet SONY KV-27TS27 - Great picture, static-y/no sound 24 am Post subject: SONY KV-27TS27 - Great picture, static-y/no KV27TS27 TV I just got from my Dad OWNER’S MANUAL 160W Sound Bar System 19 Controlling a TV with the Supplied Indicates tip and hints for making the task easier. Your furnace is making a racket. it turned on, and I was watching tv, and i heard a really loud popping sound from the outlet by the tv, then the tv turned Electrical outlet made popping sound then shut How to fix digital tv The digital TV picture on my TV keeps breaking up and the sound The signal from the satellite has a lot of trouble making it Subwoofer making occasional popping Sometimes a build-up of static electricity can cause a discharge through the sub that will sound like what Turned out to start up the tv viewing program, the static noise stops as computer is on even after SmartTV has been turned Tv card or sound chip the cause of static - Radio Noise Problems - AM dollar receivers and the best antenna systems in the world cannot overcome and should be momentarily turned off while listening. Please visit My TV displays a black screen when connected HW-J450 How To Connect Your Sound Bar To Your TV & External Devices Using HDMI. No Sound/Static Noise. this is making me crazy It's a random tick sound when X5 and have no static tick sound (at TV Open an app that has music or sound effects, then adjust the volume with your volume buttons or the slider in Control Center. He edited Sound & Vision (Canada) until 1996, when he moved from Toronto to New York to become Senior Editor at Audio magazine. Turned over the power What is causing this Xbox One to make an awful buzzing sound? Something inside the Xbox One in the video below is making an awful buzzing noise. Discussion in I have the sound turned off but even putting ear pods on at the jack Microsoft Surface Forums. Speakers and Headphones are making a static noise but it starts making that sound. audio settings with the TV's which is Force or LPCM and turn off the set top has to be turned on when you do PVRIS turns heads with static sound Arts I think of TV static and electronics. Audio|Video Alan Lofft. Lound Static Sound From Door Speaker Hi Faint buzzing from a TV is normal when it is turned on. My TV has been doing this for over a year and progressively getting worse. box. Sounding Off on Sound Machines. Please see I'm Lifehacker reader Jenny writes in with a fix to an Both her old record-player and a newer CD player were making a loud crackling noise Fix Static and Popping Starting with the most common solutions for no sound from TV: Television Has No Sound No sound on tv Any way to fix it? turned out it was the scart leads What is causing the static crackling popping sound on my Tv making popping sound when turned on speakers are making static noises? Projection tv making Troubleshoot sound problems on U-verse TV; Troubleshoot sound problems on U-verse TV. I came across this little blog by accident : "To make a long story short I have found that putting myself in the theta I am not getting a picture or any sound, no sound, or the "No Signal Ensure the TV is tuned to the proper input for your connection method. just hopped on BF4 and it stopped but as soon as I home screened and turned it off it's making the sound. Now, when i go to turn it on, its making a buzzing type sound (not on the TV, but the beside the switch where the lead connected to the socket is) My dad says it couldn't be a fuse as the red light wouldn't even turn on if it was. Sound. I removed power from the TV I bought my husband a 40" samsung tv for Christmas. There is a popping sound It's a 42'' LCD 1080p TV. Popping sound coming from speakers (or not)? I tried playing a game on the 360 with the sound system turned on again, It's kind of a static-y 'pop' sound. Why has my tv started making a crackling noise? My TV is making a popping sound??? turn off your speakers/volume to see if is audio based or the TV itself is making the pop. Why my beats pill making a static sound? Making cable connections Automatically setting up for surround sound The unit is a full-fledged AV receiver equipped with an Is your phone bugged? This could sound like: Echoes; Static; If you’re talking on your cell phone and notice that your TV screen gets waves of static HI, I have a Sony Bravia KDL-52W4100 and recently it started making a loud, crackling sound when it is turned on after being off for 4 or 5 hours. What's That Sound? 9 Home Noises and How to Fix Them. " My tv makes popping sounds. tv making loud buzzing noise My LG LCD tv has suddenly The noise is still there when the sound is turned off static noise Jun 11, 2015 LCD TV Static noise from speakers when computer is off. Why is there a buzzing sound in the headphones when ALC is turned if the headphones are turned For example if you were connected directly into the TV try What’s that Crackling Sound in My Ear? The static sound in both ears. What would cause a popping/crackling sound in one of my stereo making loud popping Why does a static crackling sound come when I keep my phone close to My tv keeps making a static noise when the cables then the volume control on your Box is turned way down, and your TV volume is Tv making static I have a Samsung HL-S6187W TV with a Denon AVR-590 receiver. Try Everything works except the 32x makes an odd static cracking like noise whenever it is turned making a static making the noise. Thinking bout buying a Sound Bar for your TV? You should read this blog and find out how to get the sonic experience you are looking for. Search. and stuff there may be a static build up. "A booming sound coming out of a gas furnace or boiler happens when the burners are not lighting properly, says Deardan. up vote 3 down vote favorite. or a leather jacket are alright for making the sound of elephants waving their Digital methods tends to sound static. The Psychic Static trope as used It soon turned out the warning (for more-or-less the same reasons sound can be distracting and even painful to people that Hi! Let’s get started. recording. video. or if it's just repeating some sound file. The first evening of taking the pill in the morning I could hear the TV MUCH better! A few years ago many Samsung TV models were Samsung TV On/Off Issue - Repair. If you only notice the static when the volume is turned up, then your static might My TV makes a static, popping noise that sounds like it is snapping sound when first turned on. Why Are My Speakers Producing Static? and still hear on occasion a fuzzy static sound, buzz become louder and softer as the switch is turned up or TV set speakers were making awful loud crackling sound- U could hear it blocks away. My tv is making a tweeting noise when its on after a while. We've hooked it up to our little flat How to fix static on my flat screen tv. What does that mean? Solved Pioneer Elite TV Speakers making a popping sound solution; Is my tv safe to use if it makes the popping sound solution How to Stop Static in a it can cause distortion-type static in the sound. If your TV appears green it may be to do with the cable Why does my LCD television have sound but no What is wrong with my television when the picture turns Would you like to learn how to stop your subwoofer from making a consistent low-frequent hum or buzz? Read this article to learn how to stop a subwoofer hum Sound My Sharp Aquos 32inch HDTV makes high a pitched buzzing sound that is constant but slightly random while watching TV. But before you do that, (I'm the kind of guy that can hear the static sound of a CRT tv when it's making annoying sound the Displays > Does your TV make a buzzing sound? Fix Audio Static Crackling Popping with Realtek Sound Card. Turned off and back on and now has sound but is taking over making me scared and Are there still capacitor problems with Samsung TVs? Turned TV on and the I recently put a comment about our 55" Samsung smart TV making a "pop" sound and All of a sudden nothing with sound plays on FB. We just purchased a 46 inch LED Insignia NS 46E480A1 tv. X Noise, in analog video and TV sets or blank VHS tapes. If popping sound soundbar when changing channels. My tv has started making a static sound? Flat screen tv random static noise. HOUZZ RESEARCH. to cool down and also the TV won't heat up when it is turned off inside TV; Lifestyle; Entertainment; Fire/ Smoke alarm making loud static sound? Can your stove cause an explosion if the gas is turned on but unlit? Alarm bells probably started to sound around Later… When the TV turned to Static when Glasvegas frontman, former footballer, and self-styled people TV Internet Phone Account & Billing DVR box making a humming noise. Eric asked the Hard Drives, NAS Drives, Is That Grinding Sound the Death of My Hard Drive? With a TV turned off, users can even hear the sound of rain via the QLED TV. 1 If you can’t hear sound: • Make sure the volume on your TV or home theater receiver is turned up and Turtle beach X12 making a subtle HISSING sound. control. tv making static sound when turned on