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low end torque camshaft low end power and torque for high RPM power. However, rocker arm ratio is the other half of the equation. Cast Iron Cylinder Heads. for this displacement engine helps low-end torque, so the engine isn't all that cam Hey I am new to the site, but not new to truck forums. We have our cam in at 30BTDC now if we move it to 35 we should theoretically more the power Changing / Replacing / Upgrading the CAMSHAFT in a 85 318 for low end torque Welcome, Guest. One reader advanced his cam timing by slipping the timing belt by one camshaft gear tooth. 60 Rockers: . Discussion in 'Small They would have good low end torque for the gears you have. . The amount of time the valve is open, (duration) is even more important. mc1988 hyd 3 214 224 288 298 . / 11. Understand how a 4bbl carb works. P. There are cams designed for rally use the will increase low end torque. 5L Turbo Powertrain (EJ Series Factory 2. 1. Use as stock This low end torque is really much more suited to street riding as it gives you I don't know exactly what if any differences there are in cams, pistons . Low Hyd/Hyd 1000-4500 280/290 204/214 . These inverted looking cams will give you a slight torque increase because they will usually have 2-4 degrees less seat duration for a given duration at . 050": 225/229 Valve Lift w/1. Camshafts with a large lobe separation angle make better horsepower up top while low separation angle camshafts make better torque at low RPM’s. I would call CompCams tech line for a cam recommendation, but again try to find out what gears you have because this helps determine what cam is best for your truck. The first cam was the winner with respect to torque, due to the lower power band. What mods would you guys recommend for a daily driver low-torque monster? By that, I mean neck snapping acceleration at low RPM, this is what I want. 050-inch tappet-lift durations, even while maintaining increased engine vacuum. 050 204 214 | Lift Lunati's 343 hp 305 Build characteristics and low-end torque. The 'Freeway Flyer', great camshafts for those who want more top end power than the 525 cams without sacrificing low end torque; Given the following setup, which of the two Ford cams will produce more low-end torque, E303 or B303? And what about idle quality? Intake side: AFR Strong torque thru low end and midrange, good idle We're big proponents of roller cams. This cam delivers the strongest mid-range torque and H. 465-inch on the exhaust; a 112-degree lobe separation angle will work best for this application. HYD-RV/torque cam. Somewhere I read that for low end torque you want short duration and high lift, and that the problem (at the low end) in getting the air/fuel mixture in, is getting the exhaust out. Take II Low Performance heads mild port, 194/150 valves, 9. 465 107 117 2000-4500 fair 817 b comment: good low to mid torque. 0 compression, Well built 750 cfm quadra trash, performer intake, 260HR cam and roller lifters. The main two things to help with torque in that range is to advance the cam and increase valve lift. Proper manifold selection is simple. This clutch offers extremely smooth low engagement with improved torque. He reported that it gave a lot more low end torque and power but that there were other problems. The 'Freeway Flyer', great camshafts for those who want more top end power than the 525 cams without sacrificing low end torque; Back to Home: Cams Chevrolet Small Block (1955 - 1998) The Lunati camshaft series listed below are organized by series and lifter type. Advancing and Retarding: By advancing the cam, the valves open and close earlier. P possible, but still has good bottom end and drivability. ) or similar will produce a broad torque band in a 400, and thus excellent all around power, while yielding a pleasant idle and relatively good fuel economy. Howards Cams, Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Camshaft, Ford 351C/M/400: Ford Cleveland/M 351C-351M-400 Cam Series: Retro-Fit Advertised Duration: 278/282 Duration @ . 0 lb. This is especially the case if stock-size tires and a bit of gear are in play, as tire smoke easily follows. 0, and he rates it as "the perfect cam for the car the way it was made. mc2204 hyd 3 214 214 288 288 . Torque doesn’t do you any good on the street when it happens at 6,000 rpm. Valve lift should be about 0. Howards Cams, Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft, Ford Straight 6, 213/213 @ . Low to mid torque will be excellent though. Good idle. Maximum Low-End Torque Special High Torque - Low RPM for Two-Up Riding tooth on the rear cam gear that results in a much smoother and quieter engagement 7 Customer Reviews. how your cam LSA effects your compression ,torque , DCR. Class 1, Excellent Low End Torque And Horsepower; Good Idle And Daily Usage; 3 Bolt Camshaft; Can Use Stock Engine Computer; Must Use With VS-2257 Valve Springs Cam timing can be altered to change the torque characteristics of your engine. A cam can be designed to provide excellent low end torque, massive maximum horsepower, or anywhere in between. OEM Camshaft. Read the tech article on Choosing the Best Cam, brought to you by the experts at Chevy High Performance Magazine. Now available in basic and master kits with Engle lifters, springs, chromoly retainers and valve keepers. This is conducive to high-rpm power production, but at low speeds, the traditional long duration cam will effectively kill low-end grunt. It certainly provides decent low-end torque, but the power is just all-around mellow. An early EO can limit low- and midrange power by allowing torque-creating cylinder pressure to escape but help high-rpm performance by creating more time for exhaust gas to be expelled. For the street, use a dual-plane manifold; for drag racing or road racing, use the single-plane. Pontiac Engineering developed excellent cams for the various applications they were faced with in the glory days of the first musclecar era. Its not gonna sound choppy unless you pull a plug wire. Duration and overlap remain unchanged. Generally, retarded timing, down to about 110 degrees will result in better low-end response. Camshaft for low end torque. Rotate motor so pushrod is on the base circle and adjust pushrod to zero lash. We know from experience that a cam such as Pontiac's 068 - "H. That's pretty nice torque if you ask me. It is Hi - my question is about advancing a Thumpr cam for a bit more low-end torque. Early intake closing is critical for low-end torque and responsiveness and provides a broad power curve. Weighing 80,000 lbs. At this site you will find information about camshaft and how they affect power output in the Ford 4. Shop the authority in Harley-Davidson® Engines, Transmissions & Components now. The factory roller cam engines have a retainer plate that keeps the cam in place making the cam button unnecessary. Maximum low-end torque If you get max boost at low rpm's, Torque for bottom & midrange power, Cars, Buggies, power 1000-5000. Yeah, you've already ruled out most of the viable options for increasing bottom end. 444 110 CK1011 CL1011 Computer compatible. In essence, the camshaft family is a good place to begin, but you could end up with a camshaft that is very different from what you originally planned. 5:1-10:1 compression ratios. For low end torque, a little porting work, mostly with doing port matching to the intake/exhaust. Exhaust closing also affects overlap. Higher duration and lift cams are the main modification for increasing power. Provides a streetable combination of low end torque and top end horsepower. the Crane Cams 260 Energizer was stronger than anything I looked at showing at 380 +/- from 2-3000 RPM's. 3 liter engines is turbochargers should highly consider this camshaft for additional low end torque. GOOD MILEAGE. The next issue is a big set of heads. the greater the cranking pressure. Often a low cam lift with 1. A step up from the Stock engine. Did you miss your activation email? Login with In general, shorter duration will increase low RPM torque and longer duration will increase high RPM horsepower. 2 Light towing / Mild Street Performance: Nearly stock idle & vacuum, strong low end & more mid-range than the Type 1. The more duration and valve overlap a cam has generally, the worse the low end torque, fuel economy and idle will be. C6 Tech/Performance - What I've Learned in My Search for a Torque Cam for my LS3 - It seems I’m not the only one looking for more LOW end out of an LS3 motor, so I thought I’d share some of what I learned in my search for a cam that would add torque, but not necessarily horsepower. The sacrifice of low end performance is cam will provide better low end performance Using our SER0814AL cam in a 5. Camshaft, 285 Racing Series (GX200s Which is the better cam for low rpm torque? Or is there a better cam than these 2 for bottom end torque? Erson Cams, Doug Patton of Pro Line Race Engines, and Chuck Lawrence of Jon Kaase Racing Engines cover talking points on a camshaft's lobe separation angle. O. Click here for camshafts specs comment: good low end torque and pulling power. The stage 2 cam produces 272. 480 Lobe Separation Angle: 110 Intake Centerline: 106 1600-5000. The torque curve of an RV cam is designed for maximum pulling and fuel economy on an otherwise thirsty engine. 6 some low-speed power in trade for torque curve that the All the mags and topics I read, is that you cannot produce low end torque and hp with the 4v. That does it for our B series cam guide, please take a look at our B series camshaft selection in our store, or leave us any questions or messages below. To be used with 1. 00 plus core charge $65. 480/. I got this motor in my 55 sunliner and wanted a torque motor since its a heavy car so I am looking for a good low RPM torque cam since I want to but the low end I come from a line a big block mopars (383s and 440s) so I'm partial to low end torque. Torque and Low-End Power - Torque provides low-end power for a towing vehicle. I have read many accounts of people dropping in a cam and high compression piston and being happy with an otherwise stock setup. I've always been intrigued by Hughes cams. S&S 585 Cam - The S&S 585 is a versatile cam for 80" to 96" engines with 10:1-10. Its smaller then the 383 cam [took me a long time to belive that]but not by much. 447 114 CK1005 CL1005 range torque, 327ci/350hp cam, OE #3863151. Designed with less valve overlap than 'Boy Racer' Cams, it offers a very smooth idle (also suited to std. Low end torque is a 260ish cam. the cam arm between two (Low End Torque and Engagement) Primary Can-Am Works - 220-235 degrees of duration = low end torque - 235-250 degrees of duration = mid-range - Over 260 degrees = top end power Some Harley Cam Selection Tips. The camshaft’s stock base circle permits the use of stock pushrods. works with inboard - outboard. net Mustang Forum > Content Wrapper > Content Wrapper We have worked closely with Comp Cams to bring you the first camshaft offering the low-end torque needed to jerk skiers up quickly or accelerate quickly out of There are common camshaft design errors that are made in regards to valve event timing that make things worse in regards to 351C 4V street performance: (1) opening the exhaust valve too late causes high rpm torque to fall-off like a brick, (2) too much over-lap softens low rpm torque, and (3) closing the intake valve too late causes low rpm reversion while lowering dynamic compression. These changes are with a cam, lifter, timing chain and springs only. 020" number determines how responsive the motor will be and how much low end But from what I understand, even mild cams will mean a reduction in low-end torque over stock, right? With all of these mods in place, Our Tick Performance Turbo Stage 2 Camshaft for 4. FUEL INJECTED 22RE / 22RET. The Max 1 and 3/4 race cams shown in the graph have intake duration of about 225 degrees. note! all VHP camshafts are for 3 bolt applications. For example, petrol cars tend to have their peak torque at over 5k revs, while diesels tend to have their optimum at around 1. Low End Torque Cams Factory 2. The LOW END TORQUE this camshaft produces creates better throttle response, and helps the large tires get turning. Level 1 indicates a good stock replacement camshaft. noticeable idle. UR pulleys, intake, headers and CL-S cams. The E-303 is a much more low end torque friendly camshaft, and has better idle, vacuum, and low speed manners all the way around. The iron, non-roller distributor gear will get eaten by the hardened roller cam in no time. High lift, low overlap cam They will make good low end torque but really are designed to rev more. Camshaft: Intake Closing The intake closing point has more effect on engine-operating characteristics than any of the other three opening and closing points. 65standard, what you have now? Hellire? Here i Buy 1962-85 Chevy SB 283 305 327 350 400 RV TORQUE Camshaft Cam+Lifters+Valve Springs Kit (TORQUE CAM KIT): Performance: Good low end torque & pulling power. Why? Because each type of driving mandates a different kind of induction setup. The original CRF230F camshaft is generally mellow. I am trying to do some research on the best cam for a N/A LQ9. Recommended for low-end torque Over the years we've tested many "Toyota" cams from the three leading V-8 camshaft Motorcycle Cam Selection. Even if you build more for low end, Buy Engine Pro Torque Cam Flat Tappet Camshaft, Lifters, STRONG LOW END TORQUE. I am looking for something like the tr220 is for the 5. I know just about all mods give a boost in low end torque, but probably the key to this lies in a cam which my knowledge of is very small. Always check piston to valve clearance when changing cams or cam timing. Models 1987-96. -ft of torque. 9mm lift Exh-315 dur. where low-end torque and mileage is an Cam No. 050, . The TSX has large primary (low lift lobes) on both the intake and exhaust. My newly acquire hatch has pretty decent low end torque, I'm very Before the letter cam bashing starts, I agree that they aren't the best thing out there. The right cam choice can make the difference between a bike EVL-3010 EVL-3010NG hydraulic • bolt-in • 80 inch engines • good low end torque and mid Chevrolet Message Forums offering FREE technical assistance for your restoration and repair. 2. This contributes to good low-end torque. Extremely smooth cam lobe design creates a very smooth valve-train motion. The goal is to assemble a pump gas 500 + horsepower, maximum torque big block on a limited budget. To make good low-end torque with a small block, we need a camshaft that will offer a combination of effective lift and duration. Dyno testing doesn’t test drivability or throttle response of the engine. Hyd/Hyd Idle-4500 278/288 204/214 . 55 being the most popular. 015" taken off, at most, or maybe just use a thinner head gasket. Strong low end torque. Even if you build more for low end, Crane Cams 114102 "BRUTE LOW END TORQUE" or Crane Cams 114112, but that would give up a little low end. 050": 213/213 Valve Lift w/1. Advancing raises the cylinder pressure (due to earlier valve closing) This improves low end and mid-range torque at the expense of some top-end power. Toda Spec D/Ericks Racing Int-305 dur. Something with some low end power. Blue Racer Cam Listings † Made by Crane Cams, Smooth idle, good low end torque, economy and throttle response. We get valve lift via the camshaft to be sure. VTEC changes the valve timing and lift to better take advantage of the low-end and high-end characteristics of the engine and flow. As a rule, we want to run a longer intake duration to make the most of valve lift. An earlier ICL (advanced cam timing) will tend to increase low end torque because at low speeds, How to choose a camshaft. Our Tick Performance Turbo Stage 2 Camshaft for 4. CAMSHAFT (all cam and valve event figures measured at . 3L. A nice lopey idle but it would be no problem for a daily driver. Changing cams is the easy way to more torque in the 2000-4000 RPM range. Camshaft overlap duration less than 30 degrees tends to produce good low end power. Dur @ . idle, low end torque, & pulling HYD-Torque/RV cam. 9mm lift. i. 4 to 1. I've searched the forum a bit, but haven't been able to find any clear This included a new Sealed Power hydraulic camshaft (PN KC1013R) that features 0. Below 3500 rpm the stage 2 cam sacrifices about 20 lb. If stronger low R. Cams with 235-250 degrees of duration tend to work best in the mid-ranges and cams over 260 degrees work best for top end power. 509 Torque Cam A bolt-in low-end cam for 1999-'06 big twins with stock heads and moderate compression ratio. This was the cam Billy had in his 5. Whiplash or Thumpr are probably what you're looking for. 8L. An early EC reduces overlap. cam timing and rpm range engines often design a pipe for top-end power to reduce low-end torque so the It is posts like this and the frickin jimmy crf230f video series which leads me to believe i shouldnt have lost any low end torque. Perfect for baggers. Erson Cams, Doug Patton of Pro Line Race Engines, and Chuck Lawrence of Jon Kaase Racing Engines cover talking points on a camshaft's lobe separation angle. Retarding the cam timing, increases the power curve - the power curve will start later at a higher rpm. Cam selection is very important when building an engine. On the description of the heads there is a milled de Yeah, I'm no cam expert eitherbut I personally would not put a sportcar cam in a truck engine. The MR103 cams produce more area under the power curve for maximum overall performance improvement. Big lumpy cams do NOT make low-end torque at all, so sticking one in your truck engine is the complete opposite of what you want if you want it to have some get-up and go. 0 in my '80 P/U and it makes GOBS of torque down low. You won’t have to trade low end torque for high rpm horsepower, or vice versa. The problem occurs when you try to run such cams at up to 8000 plus RPM where they do not belong. It has gained the most popularity. Recurved distributor, upgraded ignition, dual exhaust or headers, 4 bbl intake. so the simple answer is no, intakes dont effect back pressure, but it does affect low end performance because some intakes dont allow for a good throttle response at low rpms. JMacPerformance puts together a budget 496 Big Block Chevy. Delivers great low and midrange torque from Idle-4500 rpm. Exhaust opening ranks second only to intake closing in affecting engine performance. I currently have a 2004 RCSB that is that beautiful GM Victory Red with a 5. It pulls like a train from 2300 to 6300. 0 guys, torquey roller cam I've got a bone stock '96 exploder 5. 488/. You already have decent heads for a SBC, better heads will be $$. Fanning through the COMP Cams® catalog can be a fun endeavor, and while many of the camshafts are categorized by a camshaft family name, more often that not the key determiner is the end usage. When i had the Sidewinder it got me 382 RWTQ on a crappy tune. The cam can be advanced 4 degrees using the Mr Gasket 987G offset key on the cam gear or the Mr Gasket 988G offset key for 8 degrees. /Hyd. Basically, this means that petrol car usually goes faster, but must be driven at 4-7k rev range to perform at its peak performance. Depending on the type of racing you intend to do, you may need a dual-plane if lots of low-end torque is needed coming out of a turn. These profiles are designed to enhance throttle response and low end torque in vans, trucks, passenger cars and mild marine applications while delivering fuel efficient motoring. Install push rods adjust to the shortest length rocker arm end first. Always choose the shortest duration possible for your desired power curve as long duration kills low RPM throttle response. 050" lift. W-110 camshaft- . In many cases, the first set of barrels on a 4bbl carburetor actually have less airflow than a 2bbl carb. I saw the \\\xx deal on the FRI Econo heads + cam. Remember you have a heavy truck and not a car to get up those hills. The TSX exhaust camshaft also has a larger secondary lobe than the RSX-S or ITR. 6 roller rockers holley contender Reinstall outer cam cover and torque in the correct sequence as listed in manual. Choose a cam profile that makes good torque between 2,500 and 4,500 rpm. This is a nice cam that works well on both stock and modified motors. 1 114 perfomance torque bottom end 2 up cam camshaft 66859 C5 General - Best Mod(s) for Low-End Torque? - Cam? - I know a turbo or twin-screw/roots type blower will radically change the torque curve but I'd rather not go that route. In a drag race (running through the gears), the extra top end power of the '759 cam would make the vehicle quicker. 452-inch intake and 0. 65 or 1. Your low end torque and horsepower could suffer. the cam arm between two (Low End Torque and Engagement) Primary Can-Am Works A Heavier vehicle should use a smaller duration cam to enhance low end torque and acceleration. What a great car, I love the thing more than 98% of things in High lift, low overlap cam They will make good low end torque but really are designed to rev more. The longer the valve is open, the more air and fuel the engine can take in. WARNING: LCE highly recommends using our Pro Camshaft Kit Part# 1020000 in order to allow proper spring retainer to guide clearance for any cam that has over . A cam with a longer intake duration will reduce static compression pressure at low speed which in turn will tend to reduce low RPM torque. Ever since i had my cam swaped out because of a worn lobe, it seems to not have the low end torque it had before. 8 & 5. This is because the valves are closing a little sooner—like at or near the time when the piston is at the bottom of the cylinder’s bore for the start of the compression stroke. Stock, the air-fuel control operates by referencing fueling to boost pressure. " (211/225 - 116 lobe sep. Any comment: good low end torque and pulling power. Lots of low end torque, but it drops off fast. Obtain a cam with short duration and high lift. Anyhow, for daily driving, and low end torque, the 757 cam is a good choice. These lobes are larger than the RSX-S or ITR. One of the many topics discussed was power vs. 8. Find great deals on eBay for torque camshaft. But there you're looking at about $3000 worth of work. There are better chioces in camshafts than the ZO6 cam for low end torque. performance is desired, the camshaft can be advanced four degrees. This camshaft profile characteristically improves low-end torque while still providing increased horsepower. How To Recover LOW END TORQUE? If your cams are What i need the most is the maximum amount of this torque that i can get out right from idle. Hello i'm just seeing what you guys think. models have an oiling groove in the rear journal. 9 engine a customer reported 48 lb/ft of torque @ 3,500 rpm and a 31HP gain @ 4,700 rpm at the rear wheels. its that its fairly LOW, because of the cam timing, for the purpose of "killing" low-end torque) My Z3 have low end torque, no need to rev up to 4k to overtake in traffic. manifold on a engine with a RV cam. Ford Mustang Forums : Corral. / 12. Performance SE-585 Cam Kit at the Official Harley-Davidson Online Store. I have noticed that all 281 4V motors have awsome high end torque but they seriously lack of low end torque. Big Cam Cummins has low power! I just recently bought a '77 W900A with a NTC-300 Big Cam III and a 10 speed to haul grain with. But is it more important than horsepower? Read about torque and low-end power on this page. Low end torque build ideas? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Click here for Camshaft Specs * BBC - 1965-66 396 c. 5:1. The Intake manifold was made a little restrictive to increase low end torque, mods for gain HP rely on a M50 intake manifold, it flows 40% more air and gains like 40hp but loses low end torque. Consider this the end How to choose a camshaft. Maybe 0. 510 lift 1. I don't think you can do much better than OEM for that application. 5 or 1. At cruise 55-65mph, going up relatively shallow inclines and hesitates to shift but doesn't maintain speed until it downshifts. You could always have your heads port and polished and get a radial valve job to increase flow. The Right Camshaft For Your Ford Mustang - Cam Quest Billy found the cam strong on torque at low But this willing low-end pull illustrates how this cam will 1972 Chevy Pickup Small Block Engine - Low-Budget the camshaft, the cylinder heads This camshaft profile characteristically improves low-end torque while The LOW END TORQUE this camshaft produces creates better throttle response, and helps the large tires get turning. ADVANCE/RETARD. Slide into the block a camshaft with about 214/220 degrees of intake/exhaust duration at 0. For a street performance motor, we believe that most of the available 3/4 cams lose too much low end torque for good drivability. What is the best cam for stock tc 88 converting to gear drive and looking for more low Dons suggested cams will bolt in and give you a little more low end torque. These Melling M-Select Torque cam and lifter kits are designed for the perfect upgrade of your stock camshaft. Requires high lift springs and normal clearance checks. 600 Lobe Separation Angle: 112 Intake Centerline: 108 Valve Lash: Hyd. This cam produces lots of low end torque Our Price: $99. Advancing overall camshaft timing is better for low-rpm power. 450" lift or in any application that requires a sustained RPM of 6,000 or higher. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Never understood why someone would pull a cam that was designed for low end use (stock) and stick in another cam for low end use (RV). If you have any questions about which camshaft is best for your applications give us a call (662) 892-1500. In some cases dod, afm, or vvt delete kits will also need to be purchased. Mileage near stock. 443 . It features an XFI intake lobe, an Xtreme Energy exhaust lobe, and a wide lobe-separation angle (see spec chart). 8 or 9:1 compression. But it will also result in the broadest, flattest and highest torque curve, providing optimized acceleration and the greatest suitability for street riding. They will provide a smooth idle, good low-end torque, and excellent pulling power. ) A typical torque converter will have a torque multiplication ratio in the area of 2. 2000-6000. I plan on doing the swap sometime this summer. They have low When people talk about “cammed” Mustangs with a lopey idle, it has a camshaft with a lot of overlap. 557: Designed for Tri-Glide® models, this bolt-in cam, with it’s short duration, produces lots of useable torque. Many LS engines built after 2007 are equipped with DOD, AFM, or VVT, and use single bolt camshafts. 480, 110 LS: Ford Straight 6 240-300 1964-1996 (10. An earlier ICL (advanced cam timing) will tend to increase low end torque because at low speeds, HYDRAULIC: Our best cam for gas mileage. , it will barely do 58 mph. 0L for more low end torque! This is truly, the best overall cam for both midrange and top-end power. Bullet Cams--Cam Recommendation Form Rpm at end of straight : Where is improvement needed? Low end torque: Top end rpm: everywhere, help! The TSX has large primary (low lift lobes) on both the intake and exhaust. Recommended 350 TBI mods. & performance engines of all capacities). Yesterday's QOTD was a really good one for multiple reasons. The cam in my sig makes tons of low end and mid range torque. Can help mileage. 6 roller rockers holley contender Opt for a cam profile that gives you good low- to mid-range torque. RVs are very heavy and meant for cruising at highway speeds. 318 Torque cam. The earlier it occurs the greater the cranking pressure. 99 . From Crankshaft Coalition Wiki. 3L? Cam and Valvetrain Westech stuffed the latest Comp Cams hydraulic flat-tappet street cam in the Olds: an Xtreme Energy grind with an aggressive lobe design that produces better throttle response and top-end power than other cams with equivalent 0. Retarding beyond 110 degrees will cause the idle to suffer. The new Red Shift® 525 Cams deliver an impressive gain in HP, with a HUGE increase in early torque – right where you accelerate around town and cruise on the highway! Perfect for 96” and 103” Touring models, this Red Shift Cam was developed to deliver immediate passing power. Choosing the correct camshaft is a delicate balance depending on your engine. Low end torque gets you off the mark quicker but high end torque would probably pull higher ks. Exhaust Pipe Fundamentals - Exhausting Fundamentals. 5 rockers. Conversely, good top-end power comes at the expense of low end torque. backpressure is associated with the exhaust mechanism of an engine. Comparing against the listed cams and especially the 'Express, the Crane made sense. 5L Turbo) Low end torque Discussion in 'SN95 Cobras' started by cobraboy169, Dec 19, 2005. 4 bolt main block. 3:1 sbc 406, with a 235/245 camshaft at . 447/. Offers stable idle, excellent low end torque (2,250 rpm and up), and smooth lobe design for quiet valve train operation and longevity. Strong low-end performance will degrade the upper rpm range. It's the cam they should have come from the factory with. Chevy Small Block Engine Guide: Cams and Valvetrains- How to Build Max Performance Chevy Small Blocks on a Budget. Match port your intake and exhaust and get another 10ft lbs. 430 lift x 284 duration- for use street / off-road mild engines Engle camshafts have been the standard for performance in the VW industry for over 20 years. I have a 11. Hi, I am new to these forums but I have owned a 98 Trans Am M6 since it was new in 1997. Add this Ford Performance 85-95 Mustang B303 camshaft, or B Cam, to your 5. Intake centerline (lobe center) will move the torque curve up or down in the RPM range. While power gains naturally aspirated were slightly increased, the average power numbers between the two graphs were virtually identical: the custom grind made more top end power, while the second shelf cam made better low-end torque. The new cam specs arent that much over stock. Cutting it out would give you what amounts to a tractor throttle; the amount of fuel is entirely dependent on the pedal. Ways to improve low end torque: shorter rods (SBC 400) Low-rise dual plane manifold re curve distributor small primary headers well tuned carb open element air cleaner matched cam (for that matter ALL engine componetns) for desired engine RPM's if you want low end torque, you don't put a Victor Jr. This is a great all around camshaft with solid low end performance and mind blowing mid and top end power. Camshaft Kit w/Lifters Low End Torque Camshaft. Smooth idle, good vacuum, stronger low end power, more torque. M. Between 3500 and 4500 rpm the torque curve approaches the stock curve and above 4700 rpm the stage 2 produces about 10 lb. • Engine Displacement – A smaller displacement engine usually needs a shorter duration camshaft for good low end torque and throttle response. 98% of the cams out there will not increase low end torque over the stock cam, the ones that will won't add enough to make it worth it. The large majority of stock motors (both the 8BA and 59AB) had about 197 degrees of intake duration. Off road driving I would definitely prefer low torque where the motor Torque and Low-End Power - Torque provides low-end power for a towing vehicle. Made from specal billets and ground to exacting tollerances- Engle cams deliver reliability and performance that is unmatch. 801-260 $167. Following from the thread in "For Sale" where this was offeredWhat is/are the optimum intake/exhaust cam settings to improve low end torque on an HPT ( 574 CAMS - Wicked power band for modified engines and an excellent bolt in for stock 96”, 103” & 110” engines. 00 For 20R, 21R, 22R and 22RE, 22RE-T and 22RE-C. But with a longer duration cam and a higher compression ratio, power at middle and high speeds will be increased which is what you wanted all along. So, to make good low-end torque with a small-block, we need a camshaft that will offer a combination of effective lift and duration. 5:1 compression Stage 3: Nicknamed the "BIG STICK". Can someone please tell me which cam is designed for the best low end low RPM torque. I am trying to get our timing curve in a little sooner. Can anyone recommend an alternative low-end torque cam and tell me about your experience with performance and idle quality? AMC 360 build for low-end torque When i had the Sidewinder it got me 382 RWTQ on a crappy tune. 550. 5:1 compression, and larger engines with 9. 449/. If you want to mill the heads, I wouldn't go very far with them. 443/0. it's mostly in the compression camshaft & fuel metering, Your stock cam is probably best for low end torque. Any reccommendations on what would be the best cam for torque low-mid RPMs on the 5. Torque Max cam This camshaft offers an increase in torque at the bottom end of the rev range to the mid range and is suitable for both EFi and Carb engines. Re: Chevy RV cam Yea - what Bill said - and use the aluminum one - every bit of weight savings helps. In general, smaller valves, smaller ports, smaller carburetors and less cam timing will improve low-end torque at the expense of top-end horsepower. figure out what cam profile to optimize low-end torque Comp Cams Hemi Phaser "274" Limiter Camshaft which allows the camshaft to pick up torque in the low end of the engine while maintaining power up high. I changed to a crane 216I & 228E & the top end was great, but the low end suffered. torque, a concept still not that well understood by petrolheads. AMC Camshafts and Matching Components: Designed for optimum torque from the low-end to the mid-range, They are smooth idling cams for daily drivers, I want to switch to a cam that provides a wide torque band from Simply put they say that wider LSAs loose low end torque and gain top end horsepower because For 5. Low end torque generally refers to amount of torque available on lower revs. Motorsports Unlimited carries camshafts for and makes tons of low end torque for RV with its low lift and tight lobe seperation this cam is very This means that the power curve will start at a lower rpm. Cams with duration of 230 or more will not pass an emission test. 421/. Also VTEC can allow the use of higher compression pistons without the lugging (like a Harley) at low RPM, but the extra power at high RPM. Set up initial cam timing a few degrees advanced to maximize torque. What are some different was to increase your low end torque and horsepower? I have a head and ca, swap planned for the near future and would like to You will hate it. Strong low & mid-range torque & horsepower. Thing is, I already have it and the build will be on a very I have run a 204-214 cam in a 351W & it definately lacks top end power. 2 HP @ 6000 rpm and 255. But from what I understand, even mild cams will mean a reduction in low-end torque over stock, right? With all of these mods in place, If the ports and runners are enlarged greatly, low speed torque will suffer considerably. Torque multiplication rapidly decreases until it reaches a ratio of 1:1 (no torque increase over crankshaft torque. Hopefully your header tubes are the proper (smallish) size - big tubes don't help low end torque. is designed to produce gobs of low-end torque with all-around driveability. 7 ratio rockers is very helpful on the intake side as long as lift is kept to about . A large displacement stroker motor, on the other hand, can usually handle more cam duration without sacrificing low end torque and throttle response. Best Answer: You will see more low end torque out of an RV cam, but I am surprised there is an "RV" app for the 3. 050" lift) The first thing is to choose a cam grind that will yield the desired manner of operation. 0” Deck) Advertised Duration: 267/267 Duration @ . Maximum low-end torque (and smoke) would be available by removing the AFC lever inside of the pump. 050 inch of lift. This cam is a great match for riders of heavy Touring bikes looking for big torque at the low end. Most cam manufacturers do this already. mc2204 hyd 3 214 214 287 287 . Motorcycle Cam Selection. A 3 bolt camshaft timing gear must be purchased to use our cams. Please login or register. EXHAUST WILL NOT HELP LOW END TORQUE which is good for low end torque which in The straight-six engine or contributing to valve timing for the cylinders furthest from the cam drive Its virtues are superior low-end torque, The LLT2 camshaft was designed for the individual that wants the maximum potential power without dramatically sacrificing low end torque. 473 112 CK2055 CL2055 end torque & pulling power. 435/. 500-3000 rpm. 443 107 117 2000-4000 fair 817 b comment: good marine cam. As a general rule, cams with 220-235 degrees of duration tend to produce good low end torque. It operates as a 2bbl until the engine actually sucks enough air to open up the second set of barrels. " If anything, Billy found the cam strong on torque at low rpm. HYDRAULIC: Good low end and mid-range torque and power with a good idle. The cam centerline is the point halfway between the intake and exhaust centerlines. Exhaust is less critical with 1. A few general rules to follow: 1) A larger displacement engine is less sensitive to idle and low end torque problems associated with large cams. This cam offers substantial increase in low-end torque for engines up to 110 cubic inches with compression ratios up to 10 to 1. 443 107 117 2000-4000 fair 817 comment: good marine cam. If you’re hungry for horsepower, the all-new HP103 cams will satisfy your appetite for excitement. Good stock replacement with very smooth idle. You also need to make sure you have a hardened or melonized distributor gear. want to increase low end torque. This allows you to run a milder roller cam that gives you better low end torque and horsepower and have the same peak horsepower as a Don't know how accurate Desktop Dyno is, but of all the cams I ran thru it analyzing strong low Rpm torque. I'm looking to pick up some low-end torque on my 09 5. A Comp 270HR is a good example, but this cam won't perform much past 6500. Depends how the engine is tuned for. Following from the thread in "For Sale" where this was offeredWhat is/are the optimum intake/exhaust cam settings to improve low end torque on an HPT ( Greatly improves low-end and midrange torque, strongest from idle-4000rpm. 455 112 CK1003 CL1003 end torque & pulling, Good idle. What camshaft specs should I look for to gain max bottom end torque for a bone stock 350? This is for my 93 chevy truck that I tow a boat with. So I'm curious, a bit off topic but related. 73 Rockers: . Advancing or retarding the camshaft moves the engine’s torque band around the RPM scale by moving the valve events further ahead or behind the movement of the piston. 050-inch valve lift. HYD-Good idle, Strong mid- Hyd/Hyd 1200-5200 290/290 223/223 . They offer better torque due to the more aggresive lobe profiles This clutch offers extremely smooth low engagement with improved torque. 567/. 465 107 117 2000-4500 fair 817 comment: good low to mid torque. 465 inches of lift and 214/224 degrees of duration at 0. A SCAT bottom end kit is used a long with – Comp Cams flat tappet camshaft – Brodix Race Rite oval port head – Edelbrock Air-gap manifold and – Demon 850. -ft @ 4800 rpm. Cams. -ft more torque. GOOD FOR TOWING. How To Recover LOW END TORQUE? If your cams are Choose from cams for stock chain drive or the bulletproof S&S gear drive cams. The timing of the camshaft can be advanced to produce better low RPM torque, The . HYD-Fair idle, Good low Hyd/Hyd 1500-5000 283/286 209/216 . This cam also creates more vacuum to draw in the air/fuel mixture. low end torque camshaft